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Our History

The history of Alfarimini officially begins in Rimini in 1988, when Lionello Fabbri decided to leave his job as an Italian sales manager in a leading company in Rimini that manufactures woodworking machinery and to start afresh, creating something of his own, with his own hands. A company that today has grown, facing the global market, which has firmly maintained its roots and its connection with the city of Rimini. 

“Maybe I was not the right age”, recalls Lionello “but I did have the enthusiasm of a kid. I had the wealth of business friendships, the esteem and trust of all my old clients. This gave me the confidence and the shred of rashness needed to get back into business at the venerable age of 50 years old”.

An entrepreneurial adventure which was certainly not improvised but not even planned in detail. It simply started from Lionello’s passion for his work, from his knowledge of the woodworking machinery sector, from his determination and last but not least from his love for his city.


The name

The brand embodies all the enthusiasm of the new challenge, the determination, the hope and the strength derived from the long experience matured by the founder. Why Alfarimini? Because Alfa is the first letter of the Greek alphabet (but also the initials of Aspiratori Lionello Fabbri) and Rimini is the place, the city where it all began.

The first models

Work started off with a few simple extraction units and proceeded by following the market demands and therefore, constantly enhancing the product range with new and more powerful machines.

Wood drill in action

A new beginnings

Then, in 2002 Antonino Amato joined as the Company’s Sales Manager. Theirs was a long-standing friendship but an opportunity to work together arose during a holiday in the mountains. “We are convinced that chance does not exist and this is why we are still amazed at how the idea to work together came about and how we decided to pursue this adventure, which had begun fourteen years before”. This is how Antonino remembers his arrival at the company – it was mid-January in 2002.
”Work was going very well and Nello wanted to grow and continue to expand. And then he was looking for someone who might one day continue to bring life to the company. And so he asked me”.

Great friendship and esteem

Work continued to be great, new machines are designed, production is expanded, relationships are formed with other companies in the sector to generate new partnerships. There is great respect between Lionello and Antonino and their trust and unity grow every day. But that which makes everything lighter is certainly the great friendship.


Alfarimini headquarters from 2002 to 2008

Current headquarters Alfarimini


An important step occurs in 2008. “Although I was initially just an employee, I always managed Alfarimini as though it were mine”, says Antonino. “The decision to set up a company and therefore, become a partner, was the regular evolution of a common path that began many years ago, which grew and flourished. When taking this decision we said: ‘We will win or lose together’. And I must admit that until now we have always won”.

New premises

In 2008, Alfarimini moved to the craft area of Rimini, in a commercial warehouse, where both production and administration are present, the sales department and management. (Get to know the Team)

Alfarimini today

We love tradition and hold on firmly to our Rimini roots and treat our products almost like our baby creatures, paying great attention to their appearance, quality and accuracy of every finish. Complete Italian attention – our machines are produced exclusively in Italy. The initial passion of Lionello was thus transformed over time into study, research and experience. We owe this not only to the expertise of our team but also to our clients, whose questions and requests have always made us change and improve continuously. We continue to look forward, aiming for increasingly efficient and innovative solutions.

Our strength

The strength of our small company in the industrial extraction field lies in the experience that we are able to provide to those who contact us – we provide complete advice, while trying to understand not only which product the client needs but also any possible changes that the machine may need. We wish to deliver the right product for every need and our network of relationships is our strength – we always know who to ask so as to give a precise and punctual response.

One look abroad

In nearly 30 years, thanks to the quality of its products and the service offered, the company increased its sales network and consolidated its distribution not only in Europe but also in Russia, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Australia. And we continue to open up to new markets.


A winning team does not change but it must not stop taking on new challenges and market opportunities every day. I want to help those who work with us to achieve their own goals and desires. This is only possible with team effort, which is sometimes exhausting, but which allows you to move forward, to grow, always setting new goals.

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