Professional industrial units for extraction and filtration

All extraction and filtration systems made by Alfarimini are used in industrial and professional and hobbyist fields.
Our products are in fact intended for a broad audience including hobbyists, small craftsman’s shops and entrepreneurs who use limited extraction systems, and large industries that benefit from large systems for professional extraction and filtration.
These systems are used for different requirements. In fact, many machining processes or production steps generate dust, waste and residue which, if not properly extracted and filtered, are likely to pollute the production, ruin the machinery and undermine the health of the operators who manage the operation.
Woodworking, styrofoam cutting, packaging of dusty products, grinding stones, profiling plastics and much more; these are only some of the possible fields of application of the extraction and filtration systems by Alfarimini.
In all these situations, in fact, the need of the company or the craftsman’s workshop is to extract the residue and machining scrap, retaining them inside the container and letting out only clean filtered air.

Benefits of the industrial extraction and filtration system
Clean and Healthy Environment
Having an extraction system allows dust to be eliminated from the workplace, resulting in a clean, tidy and healthy environment which is not full of dust and fumes.
Greater safety for operators
A cleaner environment helps guarantee greater safety for operators who work continuously around the machines and protects them from potential risks of fire or explosion.
Optimal machine operation
Implementing an extraction system also allows the operating machine which generates the waste product to be kept clean. Proper maintenance together with dust and residue extraction guarantees better operation and durability.



Alfarimini markets its systems and extraction systems by means of specialised resellers, thereby allowing its clients to have a vast range of products and a single supplier.



Alfarimini is distinguished in the market for the quality of its extraction systems; all the machines are fully designed and produced in Italy with Italian components.



Alfarimini can provide fast assistance and maintenance on existing extraction systems. We rapidly provide components and spare parts of all types and sizes.


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