Are you looking for the right solution to your dust or processing scrap problem?

Alfarimini makes industrial extraction units capable of extracting many different types of materials: fine sanding or polishing dust, shavings or coarse sawdust, plastic shavings, heavy material such as metal shavings, extremely light powder such as baby powder or flour, liquids or oil. As well as welding fumes, extraction of gas and oily mist.

Our solutions meet every need, however you need to choose the right extraction unit in relation to your needs and to the product to be extracted. It is also important to assess the environment of use, industry-specific regulations, the processing requirements and above all the protection of workers’ health.
Each extraction unit therefore has technical features and specifications that make it ideal to extract one material or another, and it is recommended based on use and extraction needs.

We are able to supply industrial extraction units, extraction systems, customised technical solutions and much more, to cater for any need!

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