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More than 30 models of industrial extraction units, used in machining wood, plastic and many other materials; a wide range of machines intended for professionals and hobbyists. All models and their components are entirely made in Italy and are the result of thorough and precise design. During the year, we regularly design and produce new products for specific uses and particular applications. The professional range has two lines of machines – those with an exposed filter bag (cheaper) and those carened, which allow the filtered air to be expelled outward.

Extraction power: All professional models are fitted with large, perfectly balanced electronically fans, to provide maximum extraction power with absolutely no vibration and with a noise rating significantly lower than the maximum threshold.

Construction technique: The casings of the fan are snail-shaped so as to achieve higher performance and further reduction in noise levels, as the air exits gradually. The absolute construction precision of the elements allows the extraction unit to be assembled perfectly and quickly.

Attention paid to the parts: The oven painted metallic parts guarantee durability and gives the assembly high-level aesthetics.

Completeness: A wide range of accessories, as per standard and on request, makes our extraction units particularly versatile, which can be used in multiple situations.


Technical questions? Definite answers.
We respond immediately and with technical expertise to particular requests of our clients.


Intended for the advanced hobbyist who goes after a quality product to match the machines in his lab. 


For the professional and small craftsman’s shop. A powerful and inexpensive professional line of extraction units, with an exposed filter bag.

For a workplace that is always clean and safe, with great extraction power. Designed to expel the filtered air outward. They are stylish and entirely painted.

Important news for extraction in severely harsh conditions of heavy dust. A high pressure fan that can extract chips and dust, even through very small extraction outlets.

The MAX filtering units are suitable to be positioned indoors but more correctly outdoors. Made with a sturdy steel frame, they are designed to withstand the elements.

Suitable for extracting and reducing overspray and fumes emitted by the spray paint with synthetic, organic or water solvents. Many different models in size and characteristics.

High filtering surfaces, maximum filtration efficiency, high adaptability, easy to use and perform maintenance and accurate construction. Our filtering cartridges are solely made with top quality materials.

An infinite range of filtering sleeves made of any material and in any size, for many uses. Anti-static, ATEX, oil-proof, waterproof, felt, polyester, cotton.

Built to meet the different needs of the industry, to clean premises, production lines and wherever dust, oil, sawdust and metal scraps need to be removed from. Extremely robust models, complete with lots of safety and protection systems.

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