sostenibilità-AlfariminiWe are working on making the air in companies cleaner. How? Firstly by trying to create ever more efficient filtration systems and with dust residue that is constantly decreasing, but also sensitising our clients to pay more attention to the quality of the air being inhaled in the workplace.

Actually, we believe that a proper filtering system can increase the level of working comfort and at the same time helps to comply with the safety standards. This in compliance with the legislation on safety in the workplace.

In fact, often the air in carpentry workshops or industrial areas is contaminated with dust and pollutants that threaten the safety of workers. In particular, fine particles remain suspended in the air and are inhaled – which in time, can compromise the health of the worker. For this reason, powerful extraction systems are increasingly important to guarantee clean and quality air.

Our daily commitment is to create professional systems that can reduce, with increasing efficiency, dust, chips and sawdust from woodworking. We provide sleeve filters that can guarantee perfectly clean air in the workplace.

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