Carpentry dust extraction systems

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The extraction of wood chips and sawdust is the strategic area in which Alfarimini works, establishing itself as a reliable and solid partner for its clients.
The great tradition of Italian furniture makers and the development of important poles and production districts in Italy has allowed for advanced technical solutions to be developed, both with regards to woodworking machines as well as filtration systems.
The creativity and building skill of the Italian industry places our country among the most important worldwide producers of woodworking machines. Rimini, the city where Alfarimini is located, is one of the production hubs of the timber industry among the most important in the world; in fact, some of the largest companies of the sector are located there.

The Alfarimini filtration systems are excellent solution to extract chips and sawdust produced by any woodworking machine.
Each machining process has specific characteristics and produces certain waste: from coarse chips to very fine dust. Whether it’s a surfacer planer, a band saw, a squaring machine, a moulder or a calibrating machine, our machines will always know how to filter the residual machining dust.

Moreover, with the new recovery technologies, adequately machined chips and sawdust can be reused and transformed, for example, into fuel for pellet or briquette boilers or to generate heat from their direct and immediate combustion.
Dust deposits from carpentry or woodworking industries may create environments at risk of explosion. For this reason the ATEX Directives, relating to handling this dust must be complied with.

Case History

Our experience in this sector is really great and certain, telling a particular situation is more difficult. We have produced extraction systems for any type of woodworking machine and for almost all machining.
Our systems are used in small sized carpentry workshops, which are almost all family-run, where there usually are traditional machines, i.e. those used for more simple machining processes, which are basic for a carpenter: surfacing-thicknessing machine, squaring machine, moulder, belt sander, vertical panel saw and so on.
Furthermore, we can produce industrial extraction systems used in large-sized carpentry workshops, with more complex and complete type of machining, where more significant machines such as edge banders, calibrating machines, CNC machining centres, mitre saws, cutting centres and so on must be kept clean.

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