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Dearest customer,

As anticipated in the previous communication, I would like to inform you that from 20 June 2017, the new price list 2017 for Alfarimini dust extractors will come into force.

Indeed, since 1st  January 2017 European standards have imposed the use of IE3 efficiency class engines. And it was this technical adjustment that led to an increase in costs and to determine the price variation.

In the list you will find the technical characteristics and the price of each model and you will notice that not all of our products have been priced.

Also, you will find some new Professional and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners from the Robor line and the DE line. This is a new range of professional and industrial vacuum cleaners, very versatile machines, which can extract dust and liquids. These consist of vacuum cleaners and very robust, durable, easy to handle and easy to use and to carry wet vacuum cleaners.

To know more about these Vacuum Cleaners, you can contact us without obligation.

Soon we will add two new pages in the list, with products coming short in production!


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