A kit to notice that the collection bag is full

A new accessory that indicates filling the bag: our Weight Watcher Kit


A year ago Bruno, our customer, asked us, “How do I find out when the collection bag is full and need to be emptied?”

The question is very interesting, because often when the environments are very large, or the extractor is positioned in a non-visible spot, perhaps outside, it is very difficult to notice that it is time to empty the dust collecting bag!

And, as I guess you know, when the bag fills up more than necessary, it is necessary to do maintenance at the machine, generating a few discomforts.

For this reason, we studied and designed an automatic system that can signal when the collection bag has reached its established weight. We have called it “Weighs sack kits“: it consists of a pedestal connected to an electronic weighing system.

How does it work

The Weighs sack kits signals, through a sound alarm, when the collection bags are full and ready to be emptied. The kit comes complete with platform, electronic detector and electric signal panel. The user can adjust the signal according to the weight he wants to empty the bag.

Easy to assemble

The installation is very simple, does not require the intervention of a technician.

Where to install

It can be mounted on machines of the Alfa Max line, Midimax, and, with a small change, even on filter units produced by other manufacturers.

Require a personal advice

Require a personal advice