Alfa 2 Fitted with a filling divider

ALFA 2 is a professional, powerful extraction unit made of painted sheet metal steel and fitted with 2 exposed filter bags. Thanks to the wheeled base it can be moved very easily and safely from one point to another in the carpentry workshop to be connected to multiple machines. It is provided with a single-phase or three-phase motor with 3 or 4 HP. ALFA 2 is fitted with two nylon collection bags and a filling divider. It can be mounted either with the extraction outlet facing upwards or downwards. It is also provided with the 1.5 m power cable and the motor protection circuit breaker. The robust steel fan is perfectly balanced to prevent any vibration and minimise the noise. Upon request, the upper filter bags can be replaced with special cartridge filters, to retain even the finest dust. Installing this type of filter is simple and requires no technical change to the extraction unit. Packaging The packaging consists of a sturdy cardboard box which protects the machine from impact during transport. Made in Italy All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components and therefore distinguished by high reliability.


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Ideal for...

IdeaThe ideal machine to be used in carpentry workshops and garages. Are you short on time? Do you need to collect a lot of production waste? This machine is what you need. In fact, the two capacious chip collection bags allow you to work long hours before having to stop to empty them.

Technical Feature:

Model Motor power Filtering bags Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Air flow Dimensions
HP – (kW) Ø 500 – h 1.250 m2 Ø 500 Ø mm m3/h l x p x h
Alfa 2 –
3 HP
3 – (2,2) n. 2 4,4 n. 2 200 3.000 1.610 x 700 x 2.600
Alfa 2 –
4 HP
4 – (3) n. 2 4,4 n. 2 200 3.000 1.610 x 700 x 2.600


Upon request:

  • Single-Phase Motor 2,2 kW – (3 HP)

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