Multi Alfa Modular, expandable, with great extraction

MULTI ALFA is a fixed modular extraction unit without wheels and is provided with a minimum of 3 filter bags. It is made of robust painted sheet metal and has a totally modular structure, which means that with this extraction unit allows you to add new filtering elements at any time. We will not be forced to purchase a large machine immediately; you can upgrade it when you will really need to, in a simple and economic way. The special feature of being able to enhance its filtering capacity adds great value that will allow you to preserve your investment in the long run: MULTI ALFA will adapt to your actual needs over time. The machine is fitted with dampers to adjust the extraction flow, which allow all the collection bags to be filled evenly when adjusted properly. The MULTI ALFA extraction unit can be fitted with a three-phase motor of 4, 5.5, or 7,5 HP. Like all our machines, even MULTI ALFA is provided with a 1.5 m power cable and a motor protection circuit breaker. The upper filter bags can be replaced with special cartridge filters to retain the finest dust. Installing the filter is simple and does not require any change to the machine. Comfortable and lightweight packaging The MULTI ALFA extraction unit is provided disassembled. Each item is packaged in a sturdy waterproof cardboard box. Therefore, consisting of small boxes, it can also be conveniently transported in a small vehicle. Made in Italy All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components. They are highly reliable machines.

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Ideal for...

IdeaThe ideal machine for those who need great extraction capacity at a low cost.
For those looking for an extraction unit that fulfils your actual requirements and can be enhanced over time.

Technical Feature:

Model Motor power Filtering bags Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Air flow Dimensions
HP – (kW) Ø 500 –
h 2.000
m2 Ø 500 Ø mm m3/h l x p x h
Multi Alfa –
4 HP
4 – (3) n. 3 6,6 n. 3 250 5.000 2.200 x 900 x 2.450
Multi Alfa –
5,5 HP
5,5 – (4) n. 3 6,6 n. 3 250 6.000 2.200 x 900 x 2.450
Multi Alfa –
7,5 HP
7,5 – (5,5) n. 3 6,6 n. 3 250 6.000 2.200 x 900 x 2.450


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