ALFA MAX Modular filter unit for dust and chip

The ALFA MAX modular filter unit is the cheapest and most practical solution for the removal of dusts requiring a large filtering surface and large collecting dust.

The ALFA MAX dust filter is, of course, also ideal for the filtering of dust and small chips where the quantity is not so big to require the use of a mini-silo or separate container (silo).


Modular design

The ALFA MAX filters are manufactured in galvanized prefabricated panels which are easly assembled in standard modular units.

The smaller unit is equipped with 2 collecting bags and 30 filtering sleeves (MAX 2/38); but placing side by side additional modules, you can create a filter unit up to 10collecting bags and 150 filtering sleeves (MAX10/188).

Thanks to a perfect technical realization and modularity system, ALFA MAX are totally dismountable, allowing a very small package dimensions and a very low shipping cost.


Improved filtering efficiency:

The high number of sleeves and the wide range of filtering fabrics, allow you to use ALFA MAX units for various situations.

Are also available, on request, special filtering materials with antistatic treatment and BIA certification USG and USG,C.


Extremely robust and well finished

  • ALFA MAX machine is extremely robust and well finished:
  • The most important parts are made of high thickness.

  • Air flow deflector are available upon request, to uniformly fill all the collection plastic bags


  • Wide range of fan, great power and reliability


Entired disassembled

Small size packing for a practical and economical transportation.


Made in Italy

All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components. They are highly reliable machines.


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Space saving:

The ALFA MAX’s have been created with a view to keep the overall dimensions small in relation to the filtering surface. This means they can be installed where the space available is extremely restricted.

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Exceptionally economical:

The ALFA MAX series is the most simple and the cheapest of the filtration units with large filtering surface area.

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Snap ring

To fit the filtering sleeves is very easy thanks to the snap ring quick coupling. in a few minutes you will have placed the full set of sleeves and you’ll be ready to work.

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Cleaning process

All ALFA MAX version, both opened and carened, have cleaning system with a 0,11 hp/80 w motorised vibrator. for best results cleaning process must be carried out when the fan is not in operation.

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Air flow deflector

Air flow deflector are available upon request, to uniformly fill all the collection plastic bags (optional).


MODELLO Maniche Filtranti Superficie Filtrante Sacchi di Raccolta Contenimento
Portata Max Sistema di Pulizia Dimensioni 
Model Filtering sleeves Filtering surface Collecting Bags Collecting Volume Max Air Flow Cleaning System Dimensions
MAX 2/38  30  38 mq  2 0,70  5400  1 1600 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 3/56  45 56 mq 3 1,05  8.000  1 2400 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 4/75  60  75 mq  4  1,40  10.800  2 3200 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 5/94  75  94 mq  5  1,75  13.500  2 4000 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 6/113  90  113 mq  6  2,10  16.200  3 4800 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 7/132  105  132 mq  7  2,45  19.000  3 5600 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 8/150  120  150 mq  8  2,80  21.600  4 6400 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 9/169  135  169 mq  9  3,15  24.400  4 7200 x 1200 x 3800
MAX 10/188  150  188 mq  10  3,50  27.000  5 8000 x 1200 x 3800

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