MIDI MAX Modular filter unit for dust and chip

The MIDI MAX is the cheapest and most practical solution for the removal of dust, which allows you to have a large filtering surface and large collecting dust.

The MIDI MAX dust filter is an extremely valid system for the filtration of dust and small chips where the quantity in sot so bit to require the use a mini-solo or separate container.

Modularity: MIDI MAX filters are manufactured in galvanized prefabricated panels wich are easily assembled in standard modular units. The smaller units is equipped with 1 collection bags and 12 filter bags (MIDI MAX 1/11); but placing side by side additional modules, it is possible to create a filter unit made up of up to 4 collection bags and 48 filter bags (MIDI MAX 4/66).

Thanks to a perfect construction technique, and to the modularity feature, the MIDI MAX filters are completely dismountable, allowing a very small package dimensions and a very small package dimensions and a very low shipping cost.

High filtering efficiency:  the high number of sleeves and the wide range of filtering fabrics, allow you to use MIDI MAX units for various situations. Are also available, on request, special filtering materials with antistatic treatment and BIA certification USG and USG, C.

Made in Italy All Our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components and therefore distinguished by high reliability.

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Filtering Sleeves

To fit the filtering sleeves is very easy thanks to the snap ring quick coupling. In a few minutes you will have placed the full set of sleeves and you’ll be ready to work.
Wide range of filtering fabrics, to use MIDI MAX in various situations.

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Cleaning process

All MIDI MAX version, both opened and carened, have cleaning system with a 0,11 HP/80 w motorised vibrator.
For best results cleaning process must be carried out when the fan is not in operation.

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Entirely disassembled

Small size packing for a practical and economical transportation.

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Exceptionally economical

The MIDI MAX series is the most simple and the cheapest of the filtration units with large filtering surface area.

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Extremely robust and well finished

To MIDI MAX machine is extremely robust and well finished. The most important parts are made of high thickness. Air flow deflector are available upon request, to uniformly fill all the collection plastic bags (optional). Wide range of fan, great power and reliability.

Technical Feature:

MODEL  Filtering
Filtering Surface Collecting
Air Flow * Cleaning
Ø 200  m2 Ø 600 m3 m3/h Electric l x p h
1/11 n. 12 1.500 11 n. 1 0,35 1.600 n. 1 800 x 1.000 3.250
1/17 2.200 17 2.500 3.950
2/23 n. 24 1.500 23 n. 2 0,70 3.300 n. 1 1.600 x 1.000  3.250
2/33 2.200 33 4.800 3.950
3/34 n. 36 1.500 34 n. 3 1,05 4.800 n. 1 2.400 x 1.000  3.250
3/50 2.200 50 7.500 3.950
4/45 n. 48 1.500 45 n. 4  1,40 6.600 n. 2 3.200 x 1.000 3.250
4/66 2.200 66 9.600 3.950

*  The values “Air Flow” refer to a crossing speed sleeves equal to 0.04 m/sec. Lower crossing speed provide better filtration and greater purity of the exhaust air.
Check the regulations of your country for the proper choice of the filtering unit.

Accessories and spare parts:

Upon Request:


  • Electrical Fan

  • Electrical Panel

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