Food dust extraction systems


Alfarimini offers its experience and advice when installing dust extraction systems, with particular focus on those involved in food packaging.

Thanks to the efficiency of our machines, we ensure safe working environments, cleaned from harmful dust and help to perfectly complete the packaging process.

For example, the presence of residual dust deriving from the packaging process dirtying the machine, can affect the perfect closure of the package and the consequent deterioration of the product, delaying the production process times.

In addition, the dust deriving from flour and other food can cause respiratory problems in operators, that present themselves as asthma and various allergies. According to recent scientific studies, these disorders are becoming more frequent.

Efficient and economical industrial extraction systems are indispensable when dust produced from flour, processed and semi-processed foods, cocoa, sugar, dried fruit, lyophilised products, bicarbonate, aromas, ground spices, pepper, tea and herbal teas, colouring powders, milk, grain mixtures, etc. is to be extracted.

ATEX Directive

The ATEX Directives (94/9 and 99/92/EC), in force since 01 July 2003, are to be applied on new and existing systems to protect the workplace from the risk of explosion.

Gas or dust, which can cause an explosion, can be generated inside mills, feed mills, bakeries and the food industry. For this reason this risk must be prevented by using efficient and safe systems.

Case History

Our clients include some of the most important national and foreign companies that manufacture machines and systems for packing and packaging food products.

These are companies that manufacture machines for the final stage of the production process, immediately before placing the product on the market, and for intermediate packing (transporting the product to another location) or for subsequent production stages.

For this specific area and use we usually provide the Euro 2, Euro 3 and Midi Max filtering unit together with the line of JET-FC cartridge filters.


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