ALFA open bag

Simplicity and power! The extraction units with outer filter bag are the simplest and most cost-effective solution for extracting dust and shavings in your workshop.

Their main feature is the open filter top bag is visible, i.e. not enclosed in a cabinet. This means the filtered air that comes out of the filter bag goes back into the place where the extraction unit is located. Check the regulations of your country to ensure this type of extraction unit is acceptable to be placed where people are working.

A number of filter textiles are available, suited for the most diverse applications: cotton, polyester satin, felt, antistatic and flame-resistant fabrics. Each application has its specific fabric: the machine may be ordered with the most appropriate filter bag for your application.

Motor powers range from 1 up to 7.5 HP and the extraction capacity may reach 6,000 m3/h.





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