Euro 1 Fitted with manual shaker of the filter sleeves

EURO 1 is an extraction unit with professional specifications and power. It belongs to the wheeled range of extraction units called Euro. The standard version includes 9 cotton filter sleeves, an ideal fabric for filtering coarse dust and wood shavings, plastic and others.

Should it be required to filter particular or very fine dust, it is possible to replace the cotton sleeves with other sleeves in more appropriate fabric, or install a cartridge filter, that ensures even the finest dust is collected and not dispersed in the environment. The top filtering part is enclosed in a sturdy frame in painted sheet metal (casing).

It is fitted with a capacious nylon collecting bag and with a 3HP three-phase motor. The fan may be mounted either with the extraction inlet facing upwards or downwards. The machine is always supplied with a manual shaker, a mechanical system patented by Alfarimini, which makes it possible to conveniently clean the filter sleeves.

As an alternative, the Euro 1 may be requested complete with electrical shaker. On the roof of the machine is a hole, for connecting appropriate piping and exhaust the purified air outside. The motor is always fitted with a 1.5 m power cable and motor protection circuit breaker. Even in this model there is a so-called version SILENCED. 

This solution has an engine from 4 poles (1,400 rpm) and a large fan. Thanks to the fact that the motor rotates at half number of turns compared to a standard engine, the noise of the fan is very low such as to make the truly silent work environment.

Made in Italy All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components. They are highly reliable machines.

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Ideal for...

IdeaYou have purchased a new machine and you do not wish to connect it to your centralised extraction system? You might use Euro 1 as designated extraction unit for your new machine. You will avoid having to purchase new pipes and modify your old system. The Euro 1 may be placed near your new machine and be conveniently rolled thanks to its wheeled base.

Technical Feature:

Model Motor power Filtering Sleeve Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Air flow Cleaning System Dimensions
HP – (kW) Ø 180 –
h 1.030
m2 Ø 500 Ø mm m3/h Electric l x p x h
Euro 1 Standard 3 – (2,2) n. 9 5 n. 1 160 2.500 n. 1 1.500 x 750 x 2.670
Euro 1 Silenced 3 – (2,2) n. 9 5 n. 1 160 2.300 n. 1 1.500 x 750 x 2.670


Accessories and spare parts:

Upon request:

  • Single-Phase Motor 2,2 kW – (3 HP)

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