EURO 2 – HPF Perfect extraction unit for heavy shavings, at a distance of many metres

This is a powerful and innovative filter unit whose special feature is its great reliability. It is as powerful as a high pressure fan and is the ideal machine for a number of uses.

Specifically, it is very well-suited to extract even heavy dust and shavings from single or double blade mitre saws, vertical saws and cutting centres.

Thanks to its extraction force, this machine is able to extract at a distance of many metres, even with small diameter and very long extraction tubes.

The filter is enclosed in a metal structure, so the filtered air may be conveyed outwards, as required by the regulations.

Two capacious plastic bags contain the dust and shavings extracted by the Euro 2 HPF filter unit.

If required by the customer, the fan may be placed other than shown. For instance, it may be placed on the trolley.

The HPF line is very sturdy and versatile, it lends itself well to the most diverse application needs and has a wide range of accessories and optional features.

Its frame is solid and safe, as it is entirely constructed in welded sheet metal, entirely painted. What is more, the internal part is perfectly airtight to prevent even the finest dust from escaping.


Made in Italy

All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components. They are highly reliable machines.


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Ideal for...

IdeaEuro 2 HPF is the ideal solution for extracting from Vertical Saws, Mitre Saws, Cutting Centres, Double Head Mitre Saws.
If you need to extract heavy material or from machines with extraction inlets of very small diameter and very long flexible tube, then the HPF line is right for you.


MODELLO Potenza motore Maniche filtranti Superficie filtrante Sacchi di raccolta Bocca di aspirazione Pressione Capacità di aspirazione Dimensioni 
Model Motor power Filtering sleeves Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Pressure Air flow Dimensions 
HP – (kW) Ø 180 – h 1.030 mq Ø 500 Ø mm Pascal  m3/h  l x p x h
HPF 50  3 (2.2) n. 18 10 n. 2 150 5.400 2.200 2.000 x 750 x 2.670
HPF 55 4 (3) n. 18 10 n. 2 160 6.300 2.600 2.000 x 750 x 2.670


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