Multi Alfa – HPF For powerful extraction

The MULTI ALFA – HPF filtering unit is fitted with a special High Pressure fan.

The large dimensions of the fan and the particular shape of the coil, in fact, allow really high extraction pressure (head) to be generated with relatively low flow rates.

It consists of a fan designed to extract from a far distance, even with very small extraction pipes, up to a diameter of 40 mm.

You can choose this extraction unit with a fan of 3 or 4 HP.

We suggest connecting a 90° elbow to the extraction outlet of the fan, as shown in the picture. This will allow the drawn air to follow a more even flow, avoiding sharp bends.

We recommend using a hose of excellent quality, which is smooth and anti-abrasive inside (find it here). In this way you will achieve maximum performance with minimum pressure drops.

The filtering part is modular and expandable. This means you can add new filtering elements for enhanced filtration and better output air quality.

The upper filter bags can be replaced with special cartridge filters, to retain even the finest dust. Installing this type of filter is simple and requires no technical change to the extraction unit.

Made in Italy All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality and highly reliable Italian or European components.

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Ideal for...

IdeaThe line of HPF and HPFH extraction units are ideal for those who must extract from mitre saws, vertical saws, cutting centres, dual-head mitre saws and wherever strong extraction is required, with very long hoses and even with very small diameters.

Technical Feature:

MODEL Motor Power Filtering bags Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Pressure Air flow Dimensions
HP – (kW) Ø 500 mq Ø 500 Ø mm Pascal m3/h l x p x h
HPF 35 2 – (1,5) n. 1 2,2 n. 1 120 2.400 1.700 1.800 x 900 x 2.500
HPF 50 3 – (2,2) n. 2 4,4 n. 2 150 5.400 2.200 1.800 x 900 x 2.500


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