MINI EURO – HPF Compact and powerful

With characteristics similar to the more powerful HPF models, the MINI EURO HPF extractor is very compact and complete. The special unit, with its large fan dimensions and special coil shape can provide truly significant services, with high extraction pressure (head) and relatively low flow rates. The sleeve filtering system guarantees an adequate filtering surface for the air volume extracted. The expulsion hole on the top of the filter makes it easy to fully install external expulsion chimneys. For technical needs or specific customer request, the fan can be placed in a different position to the one shown in the photo: it could be coupled to the filtering unit directly, with the extraction outlet facing upwards, or be supported by a small stand standing on the wheeled base. The filtering sleeves contained in the upper cabinet can be replaced by a special cartridge filter, to withhold even the finest sanding or polishing dust. The wheeled base means the filter can easily be moved to where it is needed. So it can be positioned near the workstation for better yield and greater power. Made in Italy All our motors and machines are manufactured entirely in Italy, with top quality Italian or European components. They are highly reliable machines.

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MODELLO Potenza motore Sacchi filtranti Superficie filtrante Sacchi di raccolta Bocca di aspirazione Pressione Capacità di aspirazione Dimensioni 
Model Motor power Filtering bags Filtering Surface Collecting Bags Suction hood Pressure Air flow Dimensions 
HP – (kW) Ø 180 –
h 1.030
mq Ø 500 Ø mm Pascal  m3/h  l x p x h
HPF 35 2 (1,5) n. 5 3 n. 1 120 2.400 1.700 1.300 x 700 x 2.350


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